Gray Island

The area was filled with a foul smell, one that started to have a choking effect on Eric. He gasped for his breath, unable to comprehend what was happening. Blurry sounds could be heard in the background; he could see blurry images of a few men and women in blue coats surrounding him…SILENCE!

“Eric, can you hear me?” Eric searched for the words, yet is mouth was almost in locked position, searching for something to say. “Whooo, who oo is thhhere?” Eric was struggling now. He lay there in shock, the impact of the gun shot wound now beginning to take effect on him. The paramedics were running around like headless chickens…searching for this, that, any medical device that would prove to be the saving grace for Eric’s life.

Six months ago Eric was a leading investment banker, atop of his game and receiving all the accolades. It seemed he had the perfect life, the perfect family, and a great house to boot. Colleagues envied him, competition abhorred him, and women swooned to his every fancy without him even recognizing it! ‘This was the high life’ Eric thought to himself! He loved every moment of his life…then came the island! Gray Island was a luxurious destination, known mostly for wild parties and hordes of company groups arriving for their off site team breakaways on weekends. Eric had the integrity not to get too swayed by these occasions being a senior member of his firm…but temptation was always there, even for those with rock solid foundations.

Tracy was a slim, tall beautiful blond bombshell at 5’10”, but still a dwarf in comparison to Eric’s 6’4″ strong built frame! She walked with a silky grace making men’s heads turn to her and become dazed by her presence. As Eric walked into the main lounge of the resort at the island, he was taken aback by a peculiar perfume, one that was increasing as he approached the front lobby…Tracy’s eyes locked with his. There was something there for a few seconds…some connection!!! It was too strong even for Eric to ignore, not even the thought of his lovely family could stop him from feeling the sensations he was beginning to experience. “Welcome to Gray Island sir, we hope your stay is a memorable one” Tracy said in a clear but husky voice! Eric was thinking it already was starting to be a memorable trip!

The evening was pleasant with the festivities for Eric’s colleagues being brought together in a barbecue. Eric started making his way to the group and was suddenly tugged away by a warm hand around his back. Tracy gave him one glace, almost with a glint of naughtiness in her eye. Eric now followed his new master’s path and was led to a small cabin behind the resort. The entrance was ajar and soon Eric was led into the room by Tracy, only to find himself in complete darkness. Eric was beginning to love this new found adventure, his heart beating ever faster with every passing second in anticipation. KNOCK!!!!

Three hours have since passed and Eric’s eyes open slowly. He has slight pain in his head. He finds himself tied to a chair with shipping ropes, the grip causing bruises in his wrists! He realizes he was knocked out by someone. He shouts “Anyone there?”, feeling hopeless! Eric can see a ray of light in front of him but a silhouette appears, the figure almost recognizable. It’s Tracy and she’s trembling with nervousness, her eyes bloodshot with anger in them!

“It’s me Eric, Susan!” Eric gasps for breath, almost in shock and then becomes confused? Can it really be, or is this some monster who has stolen his wife’s step sister’s identity! “You’re talking bullshit” spits Eric at her! “No my love, it’s really me, you thought I was gone, but the accident left scars on me and I had to get plastic surgery done! Don’t you love my new look?” Eric was not sure how to look at this situation, stuck with some psycho woman claiming to be his sister-in-law. Linda (Susan’s sister) and Eric bought thought Susan died five years ago in a freak accident. “Eric, Linda stole you from me! That whore always took what was mine!” Eric shouted now, freaking out, “You bitch, I don’t know why you are doing this to me! Let me go!” “NO, no one can have you if you can’t be mine!” Eric felt there was only one last resort. He called her towards him, promising a kiss. Gullible, Tracy or whoever this woman was approached Eric, like a shy little girl. As she pulled her lips towards him he flung his head against her head, giving a strong knock to her. Suddenly the force of Eric loosened the grip of the ropes. He was free now! But, Tracy revealed a revolver. BANG! First shot misses. BANG! This time Eric is hit in the chest, collapsing in shock!

Eric is breathing heavily now, panting with furiousness!!!! He’s thinking ‘NO, NO I can’t die now!’ “Wake up honey, wake up!” Eric is startled. He wakes up, his shirt soaked in sweat. “Are you okay honey?” Linda is afraid for Eric now. Eric gazes to her – “it was just a bad dream, go to sleep”. Eric was feeling weary now. Thank god it was just a nightmare. Eric stared at Linda for a while. He saw semblances of Susan in her. He vowed never to go to THAT place again, Gray island.

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Second Comings

Call it what you like, the usual cliché stuff like ‘second innings’, ‘new chapter’, ‘second coming’ etc… The point is that they all have a feeling or sense of redemption or recovery, or like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a renewed energy and focus. So why do I want to comment on this specific aspect? Well in a way I feel like I am going through a process of a second coming or arrival, a new outlook to life in general.

Second comings or second chances are more generally popularly associated with sports stars and celebrities alike. I can think of numerous ones, the most recent being Michael Schumacher in F1 motor racing. There are other less known ones, like the Australian cricket captain Allan Border who was plucked out of retirement and gave a renewed sense to his nation’s pride and warrior attributes. The one I greatly admired though was Lance Armstrong. He was once perceived as an arrogant cyclist who had no regard for the way rules were supposed to be adhered to and loved taking risks; it all seemed to have come crashing on him in the most tragic of situations to face which could have led to his death- cancer.

But the great thing about Lance Armstrong is that he did not think of it as a tragic situation. He took perspective of the situation and realized this was the best time for him to reflect and take a new stance, begin a new innings in his life. Just by taking this step he realized the full potential he had in him and the result as we all know is history. Now what I face is nothing in comparison to what Armstrong went through, in fact I see him as a role model.

I was forced in a position where I had to sort things out and look at things in a real serious manner. The ironic thing is that it was forced upon me by a real close friend for which I will always be really grateful for. I can already feel this moment is going to bring something new and perhaps, maybe not in entirety, will lead me to become a new person. Ah, the second arrival is on its way, but not all of it will happen at once. The steps and realizations I have gone through were painful in the process but it’s almost like all these toxins within me were slowly being removed, bit by bit. I am not saying there is now a squeaky clean image, in fact far from it. But the fact that I had a point to reflect on has given me the ability to start afresh a new life, and that too with the same people I know, be it my friends, family, acquaintances etc..That’s what I think is the best part! Having the same people around to share it with!

Have you ever thought about this aspect? Your second chance or second life? What would you do to get that chance? Or are the chances there everyday and it’s more a matter of noticing them and making a choice? I don’t know what each of you may want. Maybe some of you want a second chance or a second life. Whatever it is I say see it as something great and positive. Your situation may not change overnight, but I can guarantee one thing – you will always have a second chance, the choice is really yours!

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A new chapter

Wow! I can’t believe I have actually taken this step! For a long time I have been wanting to start a blog! I have read many types of blogs relating to numerous topics. I found blogging was quite a creative tool, but at the same time you don’t feel restricted. I hope in my new world as a blogger I will be able to discover many new aspects and observations!

It will be interesting to note what topics I will be dedicating my blog to. I have varied interests, but sometimes my observations may be more mundane, and occasionally boring!  I encourage friends and acquaintances alike that they provide as much feedback and comment as possible.

Sorry guys for starting off on such a boring note, but like they say you gotta start somewhere! Happy blogging then to me!

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