It’s 1am here while I wait for my connecting flight to Delhi. I’m exhausted from a gruelling 8 hour journey from home! Now here I am in this extended steel tube structure built by a bunch of rich and bored Arabs who seemed to have wanted to prove a point that money talks, even if you are a low class citizen having the privilege to travel.

I can see a hustle and bustle about this place! It feels like those ancient times in Persia where traders from far and wide would come to trade and barter with each other. This is modern Dubai though! It smells of richness and new money, and a sort of Westerness about it! Duty free shops, electronic stores, clothes! Is this a transit shopping mall? All they are asking for is people to show their moolah and then off you go onto your next journey!

Sleep behaviour is also interestingly observed. A European man uses his ruck sack as a pillow case and is lying down against a wall, although oddly one confining the men’s toilets. Some middle eastern women, clad in full black burkahs lay across leather seats. Some worker class Asians lay on the plush Turkish carpets marking the waiting lounges of the departure hall. I’m starting to think this is the modern version of a desert. Only this time the rides are supposedly smoother!

I decide to look like one of those lost passengers, amazed by this grandeur and richness! I feel like I am in a transit United Nations! I begin to have a bit of fun trying to guess what nationalities people are, busy pretending to mind my own business while trying to listen to their foreign dialects! And it’s almost 3am…sleepless in Dubai I guess.

The overhead announcer makes an announcement for our first boarding call. The journey of amazement is ending now…rather sarcastically! I say jolly good for those Arabs! And jolly good for me that I am out of this desert market place…at least for now!

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