Every journey has a mission

One that was started with a certain vision!

Every journey will take you to vast lands and oceans far and wide,

So ensure each time you enjoy the ride.

Every journey has its unique calling

To ensure you never keep falling.

Journeys come in all seasons,

Always letting you embark with different meanings and reasons.

Take each journey with all its ups and downs

By wearing the different hues of your victory gowns.

See each journey for its worth

And your soul will have a new birth!

But always remember journeys will come and go

Just remember to always go with the flow.

May this journey you embark on teach you many anew,

So much so there’s a brilliant new You!

May the Highest Power bless your new path

That you may always endure in His joy bath!

Enjoy the Journey!

Originally composed on 26th August 2010.

Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved



There is a saying that the Truth shall set you free,

Yet the very mention of the word imprisons Man.

An imprisonment where we crave for Truth in everything that we see,

In every moment, in every love, in every person.

Yet the allure of Truth forever remains hidden,

Hidden from all that are close to our hearts.

The world cries for Truth to appear,

Yet at the same time its very appearance makes us run.

We say why fear when the Truth will set you free,

Yet when spoken we still feel shackled to its reins.

Shackled by the hurt of it, the pain,

A pain so harsh at times it strikes a chord in the heart.

Truth is never admired, yet accepted.

Truth is harsh, yet healing at the same time.

Truth is a friend at a convenient time,

Yet an enemy when destiny is not with us!

I wish Truth was a sweet melody,

A melody I would desire to hear at every moment.

Yet Truth is a song gone wrong momentously,

Taking us on a path we dare not tread.

Truth and Love, two of the best of friends at times,

Yet there is a thin line between them.

A line when crossed that Truth and Love become foes,

So much so that one without the other is like Love without Hate.

Truth is a Companion at the best of times,

A Companion that shows your real world.

So Truth will always be present,

Accept it with all your humility.

Truth can be life,

But live your life as much as you can with the Truth.


Originally composed on 5th February 2010

Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved

You’ve been missed!

‘I miss you.’

‘I wait for the day when our paths cross again.’

‘You were missed today.’

You  may have heard these words or phrases at some juncture in your life. Often they can be heart warming to hear, yet at the same time they remind you how much sometimes the most important people in your life can suddenly become obselete or nearly so; it’s only in hindsight you realize their importance and value to you.

When one is missed it can either be a loved one or someone that is significant, someone like a close friend, a mentor or elderly wise person you may look up to or did look up to. Sometimes there are people we miss because of the philisophical innuendos they used to bring to those moments of confusion and madness that arrived at inopportune points in our lives. It’s strange though that one weakness we humans tend to exhibit is the lack of expressing our level of missing a person…yes we do say the words but sometimes we find it difficult to express the level of how much we actually miss a person!

Someone really close to me once used a great analogy to describe the level of missingness she felt for me…she said it’s like a missing rib…you can’t see it but you can definitely feel it! When that analogy was first described to me it naturally made me realize the value I bring to her and her life; but I also realized the significance of the statement because it illustrated that sometimes we have to express the level of how much a particular person is missed in our lives.

Sometimes we become so engrossed with the mundane happenings of our lives that we easily tend to slip in to that old adage of taking things for granted. You can argue that there is not enough time…sometimes that lack of time brings us to the point when we do realize the people we need most and hence we begin to miss them. Yet amazingly we get trapped into this mundane life and we have arrive at the point where we never take the time out to find out how these very people are, what great things are happening in their lives, and when we will we get to meet them again! So are such people really missed so much?

I think it has become convenient for people to say they are missed or are being missed. I may be courting on some controversy here, but hey, sometimes the truth can hurt. The material world has taken over, sometimes covering for the absence of valuable people who supposedly add value and significance to our lives, which we drag in daily. Ironically, as much as we are in a world of great technological advancement or globalization, we have forgotten the very basic fabric of maintaining valuable friendships or relationships. Sure, we might make the odd call here or there…or better yet we decide we will wait for the other person to make the call…almost treading on the verge of being arrogant or indifferent about it. It becomes so routine that you may wonder then if you really were missed in the first place!

There are many great stories that I have heard about previous generations: how in their time when people were missed a great lot that they would take the time and effort to maintain such valuable relationships. Pity then that it seems to become even more irrelevant in the present. I suppose it’s that siege mentality of being all about you and you moving along… those who are being missed will always be around. Yes, there is great sadness in some friendships ending because of this change in mentality, and maybe occassionally such people are missed…but very easily as humans we can somehow move on and form new friendships. Then that level of missing people disappears rather easily. I think then we should only really begin to miss people that add significantly great value to our lives; or we should only say we miss such people because of the great value and attachment they bring in our lives.

I ponder and look on, gazing at couples sitting in a park. At some points in each of their lives they would have missed their significant others when they were separated, maybe briefly or for prolonged periods. I suppose all it took for them to get back together again was that one call where they said to each other ‘you’ve been missed!’

Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved