A New Chapter!

We all know that moment when we are reading a classic or great book! We want to keep turning those pages and go through new chapters to see what the plot will finally reveal. It is this human inquisitiveness of our’s that in-satiates our imagination. What if a book never had a chapter sequence? The story would be haphazard; it would have no logical formation and conclusion…well maybe not logical but at least some proper form of structure would be well suited to voracious readers.

Have you ever wondered then that life presents the same scenario? Every moment is like a new chapter. Unlike a book, we never know when the end will arrive. Yet the middle of the life story is ever intriguing; our minds sometimes are restless of what turn of events could arise. Will we go through an exciting moment, or an exciting prolonged phase? Is this next chapter in our lives going to be adventurous?  Should I dread what is about to happen? We all have such countless thoughts almost on a daily basis, if not in every excruciating hour.

Sometimes the entire pleasure is in not being revealed to what the next chapter will bring forth; its mystery is exciting. We just have to pace ourselves and await the next moment, even if it were not to be too dramatic! There comes a point in time when even we have to have that great imagination of ours picture how the next chapter is going to turn out; unlike a book though there is no editing permitted in the process, the story of your life just pops out as time passes by.

So what if you were presented with a chapter that would make or break you? How would you handle it? Perhaps this new chapter has a significance, perhaps a life changing course.  Like any book, you can begin to imagine what events will unfold from the chapter…but slowly turn that page, enjoy trying to read the chapter with that imagination. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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