Moments of Being Amazed!

What comes to mind when you hear the abbreviation MBA? Hmmmm…I can just see you all saying that one thing that first comes to mind. But actually it stands for something else, something only I can begin to describe with great enthusiasm…Moments of Being Amazed!

The anticipation had been building for quite a few months. There were a few moments of anxiety and nervousness, yet at the same time there was this energy and zeal, waiting for that moment to finally arrive. Here I am now in a fast growing, dynamic and cosmopolitan city, a city with great interests and a lot of potential for the future. If you told me a few years ago I would be studying for an MBA in Dubai of all places, I would have asked you whether you lost the plot.

It’s sometimes hard to fathom the reality of what the current situation is; it perhaps has not hit me that I am in a foreign destination with completely new people, adapting to everyday situations and dynamic scenarios. The whole beauty of it is that it has been a great and exciting challenge for me from the time we started our courses straight after orientation. The diversity and range of experiences that my class mates have is something to be really amazed about. The diversity itself generates so much interesting debate and conversation; it truly feels like I am a part of a cosmopolitan family, an adopted family; a home away from home.

The people I have met have many great stories to share; amazingly there is something that all of us can take from each other, whether it is some lesson, some concept or some new cultural aspect one learns about a person from a different culture. We are all very individualistic in nature, but it seems apparent that all of us have the common goal or objective. Amazingly, all of us wants to see the other progress well and encourage him or her to reach for greater heights. Times will be tough in the road ahead, but I feel this bunch is a resilient lot…if a certain course called Quants can make us strive for a lot, I can only see the true potential of each other beginning to surface.

What I have realised in the last few weeks is that the MBA is not just an education…it’s a journey that one can forever embed as a great opportunity that was seized with the intention to strive for a greater level of fulfillment. I sincerely hope that will be the case for most of my class mates. All of us have come from far and near with great dreams or ambitions…the journey has just started and we seem to be going in full gear, or are just about to.

The year ahead will have many great moments…there will be the few downturns but the overall experience should be one that each of us will perhaps never forget. I know one thing for sure; we are all here now and no one take away from us the true experiences and great moments that we will feel on this journey ahead…that’s the key, it’s a journey. The destination will take care of itself.

May the MBA journey ahead continue to provide Moments of Being Amazed!

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