The adrenaline is still pumping through my veins! I still feel like I am in a light space, having experienced that fleeting thrill that takes us to another plane. You wonder, sometimes sports persons talk about the moment when they are in the zone, or when that hit or kick is made from the sweet spot. But this is an even sweeter spot one could reach…now I know what those avid runners talk about when they mention runner’s high.

When you consider the desert, you wonder how you could run amid the barren and soft, sinking sandy surface; like most modern Middle Eastern metropolitan cities Dubai offers many interesting viewpoints and road paths that would be a runner’s delight. I gasped at the thought of running a particular route near our residence which is 4 kilometers for one lap…now consider doing that for three laps!! I had seen my friend do it a couple of times. He was more motivated each time to run longer along the route. I wondered what was fueling his desire to extend his running time over this barren, sometimes boring and desolate looking track. Like in most instances when I am being challenged, I thought I would take up the challenge and dived straight into it today!

The first few moments seemed mundane, monotonous, getting slowly to the point of boredom. Then suddenly the pace was picking up incrementally. My legs seemed to generate this energy from somewhere, almost pushing me to another gear. The adrenaline was kicking in. Slowly my momentum built up every few minutes and nothing was stopping me to achieve my objective: completing the three tracks in one hour. The sudden shift in this moment seemed really strange and made me realise the rather bizzare similarity in how we end up achieiving our goals and objectives in life.

Sometimes we set a goal that tests our limits and potential; occassionally it’s set with the intention of pulling us out of our comfort zone. When we look at people who are striving for similar goals at first, we often wonder how can we do such a thing, just like I wondered how I would be able to run the three laps like my friend consistently had been. At some point in time we reach a nadir in our processes and life in general; as they say, the only way up is to go for something higher. We arrive at a certain point when some events or circumstances finally push us to start striving for a challenging goal or objective that may seem at times to be impossible for us to achieve.

In the beginning, like in most challenges, we will find the going is not as great as we thought when we initially got the excitement for striving for such a challenge…we begin to wonder if life is always going to be like this. Suddenly certain moments seem to work in our favour, like the adrenaline rush I began to feel when I was running after a while. This ‘push’ in life helps to start getting closer to our goal or objective. As we get closer to it, we find that we just want to keep going on, even though our minds may trick us just like my body was saying I am getting tired as I was increasing the pace in my run.

Then we arrive at that moment! When I completed my run, I felt like I was in another heaven. An air of peace and bliss was surrounding me, almost like I had been through a meditative process that cleansed the many doubts I initially had when I was contemplating doing the run. Similarly in life, when we achieve our dream or objective we feel like we have reached a new high; we have taken ourselves to another level, realizing that we could strive for more and utilize greater potential than we thought we had.

As I began to walk with the feeling of joy of having completed my running challenge, a defining thought struck: we each can strive for a point that gives that pure bliss, that pure Zen, a moment of high that is waiting and inviting us all to experience. I was finally convinced that we should always remember to strive for our ZENith!

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