Liars Liars Liars

Liars are like leaches,
Trying to convince you to listen to their preaches.

Liars are everywhere you go,
Making you wonder if someone is so and so.

You cannot escape them for long,
Feeling forced to listen to their tasteless song.

Why do we come across so many liars,
When all we want are truthful desires?

A friend can become a foe,
For reasons only we really know.

Hustles and rollers enter our lives,
Holding us ransom to their mind knives.

The world around us is like a mirror,
Confusing us into thinking we are much dearer,

Dearer to people whom we trust,
Until we find the reason to make them bust!

Accept liars as an expensive experience,
While keeping the hope there will be some expedience.

Don’t let liars lead you to despair,
Greater truthful moments can bring repair.

Let the liars enter like a passing wind,
Realizing they will be the only ones chagrined!

Copyright 2012 – All Rights Reserved