The Time is Twenty O Thirteen!

So here we are, in another new year!!! Like all those moments of a new year being brought in, everyone is scrambling to get their resolutions in action…some will succeed while others will fall back into old habits.

There’s a quick thought I wanted to mention: it’s amazing how many people I have come across in the last few weeks that really feel 2013 is a make or break year for them! It’s almost like we are entering a new life cycle, and people feel they are moving into another plane, another dimension, where their potential is going to be pushed to pain screeching limits! It’s a positive vibe to feel, no doubt I have had the same kind of thought process entering this year. I guess December 2013 will really show us whether we made it or broke it!

On the other hand, Lance Armstrong really knows how to make dramatic appearances. The next time someone thinks of O, it won’t be about Oprah‘s revealing interview with the Texan in her magazine, but more like an exasperating expression of O My Gawd!!!!!! Good on you Lance, maybe you will be able to get some of that greenback after all!

I am hoping there’s going to be a lot of interesting content to bring in the weekly Funjabi Friday posts this year. I look forward to your continued support and interest in my weekly content! Here’s to a year of creative writing!

This is Funjabi Guy wishing you a great weekend and beyond! Be safe. Till next Friday.

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