It’s Plane and Simple!

So there has been all this hoo ha about a certain wealthy Indian family in South Africa being granted access to land planes in a prominent military base. As usual, the media gets to have their fair share of story dramatization and creation. In fact, so much attention has been given to this story even radio stations are creating prime time slots to have discussions on this latest scandal on South African shores.

I found it amazing to hear the millions of South African people quickly pointing and accusing this family of wielding power and having the audacity to land their prominent members on a major military base. Let me be clear here: in no way do I support or say the actions taken by them were appropriate. But are we even looking at the would be powers who should have declined to act on or restricted this kind of action happening in the first place? Ha, but the world merely works on connections, and it will continue to do so. Hind sight is such a wonderful thing of course. The blame games will begin, but this family has much connection and influence with the Head of State, and such a connection is always an open door for compromises and promises, especially in a murky place such as politics.

It’s so funny how a majority of people are using the old tactic of looking off shores for blame rather than issues pertaining to their own back yard. I respect every country’s right to protect their prominent military locations, least of all from public use. Why aren’t major issues being brought more to the attention in this country, like the extreme violence, crime, slow justice system, corruption, nepotism, and state inefficiency? Has the society become so insensitive to such issues that it’s not worth bringing these to attention every single day? I can hear some now say that no we are bringing those attentions to the fore, though it’s not more important than a plane or two landing on our military base. Ridiculous!

Sadly when an action is taken by a foreigner in this land that is deemed inappropriate, people are quick to start pointing fingers and playing blame games. This is a trend I see carrying on until an understanding of how power and influence works will be brought to the fore, and until local injustices are resolved quickly in the face of increasing xenophobia. I see many prominent SA figures having considerable influence in domestic matters, and the same kind of attention needs to be brought to such figures who take questionable actions.

Perhaps in such situations before making accusations and judgements, we should look at the plain truths rather than focusing on plane truths!

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