Conscious me

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

When you hear the word conscious you begin to imagine those cells that are working at a fast frequency in your brain. This is the power center, the nerve center which we identify ourselves and society by. But something has got me curious of late, more so in recent months…are we really consciously awake in present times? For some it’s probably too much of a profoundly deep question to ask and ponder on. As I look at how society is evolving, I feel fundamentally we are not really awake in our conscious as beings. I heard the other day that human beings are only using 5% of their potential at present; WOW…we have come so far in society progressing technologically, imagine what utilizing 100% potential could result in. So then there must be something wrong, something fundamentally flawed in the way we are utilizing our cognitive abilities that ultimately allow us to feel like we are consciously awake!

I look at all facets of life, from personal to business, from friendships to relationships, and from charity to wealth. Surely we could be more awake in what we do as beings to form a larger core impact on society? You know that feeling you have of being in a rat race? Well that’s another piece of evidence of mankind not being consciously awake. In business, we are no longer consciously awake to basic business principles and practice in such a way that will foster business processes to create better efficiency and production; instead we focus too much of the end goal of PROFIT. Imagine a society where there is a conscious awakening in each individual…I can visualize better productivity, better revenue returns, and hence increased profits which would ultimately be better utilized in opportunities for investments into more fruitful projects benefiting society, not just individuals or specific regions. Business would no longer face ethical issues as it currently does, nor would competition be the main game if all individuals were consciously awake to serve mankind better.

Now imagine the same scenario in relationships? Not just romantic level relationships, but friendships as well. The impact of social media has meant people have consciously gone to sleep, feeling keeping in touch through social media means this qualifies as having a fruitful relationship or friendship; we have accepted it as the norm. Whatever happened to individuals connecting in the real, engaging in actual conversation face to face on a more consistent basis; we tend to blame it on the increasingly ‘busy’ lives we have. We are only ‘busy’ because we are not consciously awake to what we could do to free ourselves in mind and space.

Ultimately conscious living and awakening comes to down to energy and energy levels. In order to be fully awake, we need to raise the energy levels we feel both physically and mentally, while also letting go of certain energies that become draining. As each individual becomes more aware of their ability to awaken consciously, society will be the main beneficiary…and possibly we would see a more balanced sense of living and purpose. There are many arenas which would allow for the conscious awakening of individuals, just do a Google search to find the thousands of processes out there!

The point is this: Think and ponder on what consciously being awake could do for you!

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