Every season has a moment

A moment that reveals the making of us

A moment that makes us learn

A moment that helps us grow as a person.

For some moments you will be someone’s favourite,

For other moments you will be the least of someone’s concern.

What matters is what you cherish most,

For in each moment there will be some form of inner joy for being noticed.

For some moments you will be someone’s hero,

And then for some you will be seen as the foe.

What matters most is the passion you pursue,

Carrying on your pursuit with the vigilance and discipline of a monk,

For in these moments you will grow.

For a moment you will see a destination

A destination that could unleash your  greater talents

Talents which have a purpose,

A purpose that benefits all of society.

For many moments you will meet new people.

You will meet some that bring interesting lessons,

And then you will meet some that reveal something about you,

But what matters most is that each lesson and revelation

Is taking you further on a heightened spiritual destination.

For these moments it is important to remember,

Remember that which is good and bad,

Remember that which is real and unreal,

And most of all for these moments,

Remember it is only for a moment!

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