The Choice to Let Go!

Over the past few weeks I have been consciously working on ‘letting go’ or working through the process of letting things flow naturally in life. When I reflected on many areas of  my life, I felt often we as the human race get stuck in a rut because we tend to ‘hold on’ or tighten through an apparent illusion of a grip on life outcomes. I felt this is really true because I have actually observed it over time through certain life experiences. Think of this experience as an example; how often do you feel that your chest area might be tight with tension, then after taking a deep breath and exhaling, it feels like an empty space? That is the effect of letting go! Your body feels calmer and feels more energetic; this is why the practice of meditation is ever on the rise because people feel the need to let go and focus on connecting their spiritual path with the universal path.

Letting go for me means being able to still live your life, but without the control we often try to exert on circumstances and results in life. So often we work on a particular project, working towards an expected result…sometimes it doesn’t seem to go the way we initially expected to. This is because we had a certain hold on a result we wanted. Sometimes the Universe has a funny way of telling us to let go so that the result we actually originally desired could come to fruition. I am not implying that planning and working towards a result is not important, but merely we should look to work with the objective of not getting too attached to a result, and this is the same as letting go!

The same can be said of attaining life abundance. If you take say a pipe, and through the pipe flows water, certain things can stop this flow of water like tightening the grip on one area of the pipe, or putting an obstacle in the way of the pipe large enough that it becomes a barrier. Similarly, if we were to imagine the Universe is a pipe of providing abundance, we could restrict that flow by having a certain negative thought barrier; if we stopped having that thought, essentially we would let go and the barrier would be removed to receive that abundance.

Letting go is a life long practice, that done effortlessly over time can result in living a life with greater abundance and appreciation for the better things in life, while serving humanity purposefully!

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