Why I Write!

I still remember, it was 2010 and one day this urge to write something was really calling from within. I never actually felt I could be a writer…in fact I was not really a voracious reader of any novels or stories in general to make me believe I could write myself. Most people feel you need to be a good reader before becoming a writer, but this is certainly not the case as I discovered myself. It’s almost as if there were subtle signs or indications telling me I should start some form of writing. At the time I was really keen to start something new, some form of creation or art that would perhaps give some solace to my soul. And so it was I picked my pen and began writing a poem. Here’s the key to my writing: I generally only write when there is a calling from within or some thought to write about when it appears at a time when I am not looking for material. It’s that phenomenon when your mind is relaxed and not searching, an idea or a solution to a problem just suddenly appears from nowhere.

I must say having started writing a poem first, I was hooked. No where did I intend to start writing with a Poem first. From that point onward I decided to start writing as a passion because I felt it would become a creative outlet. In the last 4 years my writing styles and genres have changed, but when I reflect back on my ambition and desire to become a writer, I also see there are many different reasons why I actually write which I wanted to put down here for all to read.

First, writing for me is about going into a space where I can bring out that which I truly desire to share with others. Most creative people, whether it’s in the arts or media, will tell you that for them their creative space is for them to express their talents and to entertain people in general. It’s in very few cases that someone will tell you that they write because of the love of money (though I see this as a result of expressing your passion, not because you intended to write for money). Some people have asked me whether I ever fear actually telling or writing about sides of me which some people would be uncomfortable about; the truth is because it is put out on a blog like mine, in a way it allows me to express myself to an array of a reading audience, in a space where I am comfortable. Sometimes writing for me is not about being comfortable, it’s about expressing something that is strong in my mind or something I feel I need to share.

Second, when I want to write, I don’t plan a topic or idea beforehand; this is a big key to my writing. Like any creative expression, writing for something will come when I have an urge or desire to express something, just like I am doing for this piece which arose from my desire to express in truth why I actually write. Sometimes I can get an idea at the odd hour; I once had a thought for a poem around 2am and decided there and then to just start writing. Writing when there is a calling within gives me the greatest satisfaction because it’s my soul that is speaking, not something my Ego has said it wants to express. Writing spontaneously gives me fulfillment.

Third, writing for me can be therapeutic. Now this may cause some contentious debates, but what I am implying is that writing helps me to bring out that which I am thinking at a time, releasing a thought that perhaps needs to be released in order to allow my soul to become fulfilled, not leaving it within the ‘body’. There are many writers and bloggers who write because they find it as a therapeutic journey, allowing themselves to express themselves freely and writing what they honestly feel. I know many celebrities run their own blogs or have their own journals because it helps to show them where they are as a person and how their spiritual growth is progressing.

Fourth, I write because I want to get people to think. When I say ‘think’ I mean going at a deeper level within their subconscious to challenge their beliefs and dogma on certain principles. This is one of the reasons why I started an Opinion category for my blog because I felt it would be an area where my own beliefs and dogmas would be challenged. Such challenges also help me grow as a person, in spirituality and general fulfillment. What I express may not always be agreeable for others, but that’s besides the point; remember I write to express myself, to entertain people on something they may actually enjoy reading.

Finally, I write with no specific objective or desire to be applauded or lauded. When a writer begins to write with such objectives in mind, that’s when their creative juices become stemmed; the Ego is just stepping in and not actually expressing what the Soul really wants to express.

So where to from here? If all is according to Destiny and the Universal Gods, I would like to use my writing to reach people in many locations, becoming a teacher on certain principles, educating them as well. That’s the mystery around writing, you never know where it can take you; great scholars and spiritual teachers started growing in their vocations through writing. Many great stories from sages and saints were also passed down through their own writings. I truthfully hope that my writing can become a source of inspiration and education as well. Even if this doesn’t I will still continue to write for the passion and fulfillment it gives me.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my well wishers over the years for encouraging me to become a writer, allowing me to express myself fully to the best of my ability. GOD BLESS!


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Every Second Counts

You can see the smile and pride in his eyes. Holding his newborn baby, he is full of delight; he and his partner have given life to someone. This is a picture I saw recently of a new father. It’s true, they say a picture tells a 100o words. At the very second this picture would have been taken, somewhere across the globe there would be tragedy striking. This would ultimately lead to the death of the person struck with such tragedy. And such is the duality of life in a second!

Hearing of the freak accident the Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes endured earlier this week, as an avid cricket fan I was shocked; there was this gnawing feeling that the worse result would happen. And so it was yesterday that this young, precocious 25 year old talented cricketer passed away tragically. A promising life went just like that. NUMB. There were no words to express because it made me think about how we approach life and how every second tends to matter more. What really struck a chord with me yesterday was a discussion I was having with a colleague of mine about this tragic death; he said “just imagine, this guy had no terminal illness, was perfectly healthy, and was in a safe environment, and just like that he was taken away”. These words were so true, and it really does show how precious a life can be. What hit most for me was while reading and learning more about Phillip Hughes, he was seen by his peers and family as a someone full of life and confidence, never complaining. Just like that such a confident, fun loving person is taken away. At the same time someone could fight a battling illness and come out of it with victory, leading a normal life. Again, such is the contradiction and hypocrisy of life.


Phillip Hughes died tragically on 27th November 2014

Phillip Hughes died tragically on 27th November 2014



In life we tend to complain, become emotional and have fears which are sometimes not warranted. We don’t think about how blessed we may be because of this life we have and how it can suddenly be taken away from us. I profess, I am no saint and I tend to go through certain trials and tribulations; only recently I was going through an emotional state where I really questioned what was the point of certain things in life, the point of certain relationships and the point of doing anything in general to try to be happy? Then Phillip Hughes death made me sit up and reflect again properly on why there is much to live for, because life is so uncertain that we really should make every second count.

You may be thinking about a relationship that did not work out, a career that didn’t pan out the way you envisioned, or just the kind of life you imagined which didn’t manifest as of now. Here’s something to ponder about: we don’t really know how much time we have in this world, that’s certainly something I can say every human being can’t confirm for sure. But, what we do have is the ability to move on with a feeling of energy and to take each moment as it comes, enjoying the flow. It’s true, it’s easier said than done, but this is the better alternative than mopping around feeling like life has given you a big hit!

Every second matters! It could be the second you propose to someone or not, it could be the second you make a decision to move or not, or could be the second you decide to react or not. Every second has a duality of life and this duality is what represents life magnificently! Take it for what it is. Stop being angry, stop hating people unnecessarily, stop that which makes you feel sad. Make EVERY SECOND COUNT!


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The Favourite

There is that One, the One we all call the Favourite

Every Man and Woman has a Favourite…

The One Person we always have a Smile for

The One Person we always have time for

The One Person we always have a soft spot for.


The Favourite changes with time,

But for many the Favourite remains the same

Creating new and enduring moments of joy and happiness.

The Favourite is a reminder sometimes,

A reminder of what we stand for and who we are.


The Favourite sometimes has a bias,

A bias that often blurs what we truly are at the moment

A bias that we sometimes can take advantage of

But the Favourite is a precious person

So much so we respect their opinions.


The Favourite can have qualities we desire

Qualities that often reflect what we truly wish to be.

The Favourite shows you what Happiness can be

And sometimes linger with you in moments of Sadness.


We each can be a Favourite, lest we not know it

We can be a Favourite Son or Daughter

A Favourite Father or Mother,

Whatever person it may be, we are a Favourite to Someone!


While we may be a Favourite, the Ego and Life reminds us

Somedays we will remain the Favourite, Other days not.

Treat your Favourites with care,

And in turn you may become a true Favourite!



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The Companion

The Companion, she has a soul for all seasons,

Sharing in your joyful and sorrowful reasons.

She has the warmth of a summer night,

Showering you with the beauty of her piercing sight.


The Companion, at times she is your reflection

Only to remind you sometimes how life can be a deception.

She runs freely in the long grassy green fields

Showing You life can gift you many good deals.


The Companion, sometimes she is an illusion

Showing Man’s level of delusion…

She is equal in mind and soul

Sometimes revealing to complete you is not the goal.


The Companion, she can be a true lover

Teaching you also how you can be a true giver.

Like some winter mornings, she will be cold

But with time she becomes bold.


The Companion is out there for all to find

It’s only for you to decide how much longer in your mind.

Seek her with determination and passion

And her inner beauty will reveal all of life’s satisfaction.



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Disclaimer: The opinions in this piece are solely those of the author and in no way reflect any person, institution or theory, nor is the author associated with any specific publication or institution. This article is purely for business and informative purposes.

The One

She looks into his eyes, a glow that depicts the feeling of fulfillment and pure bliss…she longs for the moment to carry on, all around them the noise and discussion, yet to her there is a quietness and stillness in this moment. He holds her soft hand, as he laughs and smiles, before she joins in with the million dollar smile. As I take another sip of my coffee, I look at the couple, thinking and imagining what if. What if it was me, that moment of looking and gazing at her, the ONE, the ONE who fulfills the moment, even if it’s just a fleeting imaginary moment. How many countless times a man may go through this vision, driving, doing gym, or just in a passing phase while he sits at his work desk. The One: for many of us we imagine a soul mate destined for us while for some of us it could just be a deep friendship that is slowly evolving into something of significance, something where one longs for the other’s company.

Call it what you may: loneliness, emptiness, or just the soul feeling lost…all humans go through this emotion at some point or another in their lives. But what happens we think about the ONE, the love of our lives, the significant other, that partner we truly desire? What happens when we begin to go into that world when we think we may never find them, we may continue searching. AAAh…but I hear some say why search, let the universe do its thing and she will come at the ‘right time’? If you were to dig deep into the heart of a man who goes through these revolving emotions, you would perhaps understand where the sense of quiet desperation could creep in occassionally. Victor Frankel once said Man’s search is to find some form of meaning in his/her life. The same could be said for a man’s search for the One! Every journey he goes through looking for the ONE is another road to searching for and adding more fulfilling, deeper meaning in his life.

So who is the ONE? Is she someone that a man thinks is his true soul mate, connected not just in this life but in a previous life? Is she someone whom has aesthetic characteristics that pleases a man to the point of nirvana? Is she that long lost or platonic friend where you wonder how things could have been different? Depicting the ONE has many myriad emotional complexes that can make it hard to define who she really could be. As time moves on, this search for the ONE changes in vision…what we thought was the One a few years back may not be the One today.  What if the ONE is that person you feel you know deeply, even if you were just introduced 5 minutes ago? What if the ONE is someone you deeply detested a moon back, but as you think deeply about it perhaps it is a true love hidden behind the mask of hatred?

As I look to the other side, I see a man sitting alone, working furiously at his laptop. His frenetic pace does not hide one thing…his eyes tell a story of a man who exudes a sense of loneliness. Maybe he looks at the smiling couple and wonders why him and not me? The thought is not out of jealousy or envy, but merely a reflection on his side of a past he feels perhaps could have been different. But that is it, we all wish things could have been different. The same goes for our ‘search’ for the One. Every time a man feels he has found her and something goes wrong, it feels like a punch that is too much to stomach, before we actually get up and going again. The lonely man with the laptop feels no harm or desire to inflict pain on others…just like the happy man he wants his share too, but when it feels like a struggle it can feel like a gaping hole ready to swallow him.

The two contrasting situations I see before me tell me the duality there is in searching for the ONE. For some, the experience of going through life and her appearing suddenly can be exhilarating; for others it could be a painful journey, taking each blow, before strengthening the man to a point where he is content with himself, and voila, the One appears!

As I get up, I see a lady look back at me, smiling. Her smile could tell a thousand stories. Is she the ONE…


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Disclaimer: The opinions in this piece are solely those of the author and in no way reflect any person, institution or theory, nor is the author associated with any specific publication or institution. This article is purely for business and informative purposes.