On the road to Self Actualization

You sit with that gnawing feeling, the knowing that there is something more! It eats away at you so much that it almost feels like a physical sensation in your body. So you ponder and wonder when, how, or where? When will this feeling of this knowing materialize into the very situation or outcome you know should happen?

Whether it is in our careers, our creative pursuits, passions or interests, most individuals have thisĀ knowing, something that they feel they are supposed to be doing, fulfilling their real Earthly existence. This is the process towards Self Actualization. The momentum to get to that point can seem slow, sometimes excruciating to the point that you feel you’ve been sucked into a vacuum too strong to pull yourself out of.

Abraham Maslow, the famous American psychologist who came up with his well renowned ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ theory wrote an interesting piece on Self Actualization. The basic premise of his article was that a very small percentage of individuals could ‘self-actualize’ to the person they are inherently meant to be in terms of common traits and pursuits that made them exceptional or dutiful towards their true purpose. It is perhaps no accident I came across this theory in my feeling that there is a deeper knowing of what is meant to be, and perhaps this theory was an answer to my search for the process.

I am sure you have pondered on what it is you are supposed to be doing, this feeling of knowing that you should be pursuing this or that. The pursuit often comes with many challenges, some that make us wonder whether our imaginations are really just taking us over in a desperate hope of looking for that greater meaning or purpose in life.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are following theĀ knowing? Have you pondered on whether you can self actualize to the REAL person you were meant to be, fulfilling your human drive purpose in this life on Earth? Just asking that question can have some profound impact on the decisions you make in coming weeks or months. Sometimes you need to ask that question, forcing yourself or acknowledging that you are meant to push towards your higher ideal.

Think about this…apparently 2% of humans self-actualize. That’s a scary thought in itself. What’s more scary though is if you actually become part of that 2%!

All Rights Reserved- Copyright 2015

Disclaimer: The opinions in this piece are solely those of the author and in no way reflect any person, institution or theory, nor is the author associated with any specific publication or institution. This article is purely for business and informative purposes.


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