The Connection

As Our souls enrich this life

As we travel on this Earthly Dimension

We Come across many a Connection.

These Connections are formed

Wide and Far in many lands

Some lasting a deep life connection

While Others only a whisper of sensation.

Some Connections lie deep in our Souls

A sense of multiple soul journeys

While some connections have a

fleeting existing…sometimes to a detriment.

The Connections We once felt with a passion

Soon dwindle and make us question

Why do our souls form these connections

When their journey can sometimes reveal hurt and rejection.

Some Connections are as strong as the Sea

Flowing with a current exuding Purpose,

While the connection through Physical presence may elude

The Soul Spirits reminds us of the

Deeper Significance of such Connections.

Many Connections can be formed

Some with A Deep Emotional Intensity

Some with a strong physical presence

But most with a sense of Recognition.

This Recognition is where the souls have traversed

Together in Many Life journeys…

Sometimes in a Romantic Union

Sometimes in the sharing of Friendship

Sometimes in the relation of Teacher & Student,

But most preciously in the form of Earthly Union

While Sadness may form at a loss of connection

It is known that Life’s many mysteries go on

And long may We experience many New Connections

Sometimes returning to the ones we thought we lost.

Most Important of all remember One Connection

The Connection between Soul and Spirit

And then all other connections create a feeling of

Peace & Fulfillment!

Copyright 2016 – All Rights Reserved 


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