Soul Song

There’s a Song that beats,

Ringing with every vibrational flow

The flow of life, with every second,

Every minute, every hour…



There’s a Song that reflects the Soul,

The Soul’s every desire, every wish,

It’s ever seeking of the abundance,

Creating the melody that reflects

The Abundance of A Magical life.


There’s a Song that reminds us

Of every deep Human connection,

Every moment of Happiness,

Every moment of Despair,

Every Moment where we feel

That moment of Arrival!



There’s a Song that keeps

Us going, even in those moments

Where we don’t know where the next

Note of life will tune into,

Where the next chorus will

Be written to create the melody

Where we can dance to.



There’s a Song that reflects

Who we are, a Song that tells

What our Soul deeply seeks,

Seeking our infinite passions,

Seeking our infinite destinies,

Seeking those we treasure most.



That Song is the Soul Song,

The Song that reflects our

True Selves, Our Soul Identity.

Listen to the Soul, for in there

Is every lyric that tells you the

True Melody of your life,

The Melody that will make you

Effortlessly dance to your

Ultimate Fulfillment.



Listen to the Soul song!

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved.


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