There is a writer hidden somewhere in everyone. Either you are writing your own life, a book, or writing to entertain others. Part of my journey is writing with all three hats, hoping to create a life I desire, writing a book, and using this platform as a means to educate and entertain others. I welcome all comments and feedback. My writing is not restrictive, and there are many categories you can read on this blog platform. I hope my writing can either inspire you or teach you, or just help you take a decision and allow you to discover a part of you that will make your life one hell of a journey! Enjoy and mesmerize.


One thought on “About

  1. Great to hear you on the awakeupcall today. You came across very well.

    Loving your short stories. I am currently writing, my own life story and trying to assemble it in a way that takes the reader on my journey. The hardest thing seems to be starting each chapter in a way that interests and intrigues and draws the reader in. You do it so well in your short stories, as you also carry your atmosphere in the adjectives you use and I appreciate how difficult a task it can be. Very inspirational. Thank you. Look forward to a time when we get to meet. Until then, wishing you all my very best.

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